Arc Welding is the most versatile of all strip welding processes. It is applicable to almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a broach range of thicknesses and offers a wide selection of parameters to meet a precise requirement. It is often used when a butt-type joint is mandatory, and occasionally when a rollable weld is needed.


Min. Max.
Coil Width 24″
Coil Thickness 0.45mm (0.018”) 25mm (1.0”)

The most popular types of fusion (Arc) welding processes are:

  1. Plasma Arc Welding
  2. Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  3. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) (TIG)
  4. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) (MIG)


GTAW- Weld near parent metal thickness

GMAW- Weld near parent metal thickness after inline trimming

Forgiving welding process compared to Laser and other joining processes.

  • Skilled Trade personnel do not need extensive training to operate and maintain the welder.
  • No need to release tension in your mill to pass the weld -creates a “Rollable Weld”.
  • Less concern about weld breaking when moving across strip support and tension rolls.
  • In many applications, the weld does not have to be removed before subsequent processing coating, annealing, or galvanizing the strip.
  • No damage to seals, rolls or bearings when passing the weld through the line.
  • Less waste and scrap.
  • Rugged frame configuration.
  • High precision pneumatic or hydraulic single or dual resquaring shear with four sided cutting blades available.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic entry and exit clamps with quick change clamp liners.
  • Urethane clamp inserts to prevent strip slippage and separation.
  • Precision linear motion control of welding carriage.
  • Automatic scrap removal.
  • Automatic weld parameter set-up with “Upper Level” computer communication.
  • Various PLC’s available – GE Fanuc, Siemens, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley).
  • “Upper Level” computer communication via Profibus, Ethernet, or TCP/IP protocol.
  • Matrix or algorithmic weld parameter adjustment control.
  • Automatic centering guides
  • Automatic strip cross alignment
  • Closed loop water chillers
  • Notchers for trimming strip edges
  • Weld quality “bulge” tester
  • Weld temperature monitoring
  • Weld “tip” dresser