Many of today’s “automotive grade” Advanced and Ultra High Strength Steels (AHSS and UHSS) including Dual Phase, TRIP, high boron and other complex phase steels require post-weld induction annealing to temper the weld interface and restore ductility for subsequent processing in the production line.

Post Weld Induction Annealing FEATURES

New and existing seam, flash and laser welders can be upgraded to include post-weld induction annealing. Taylor-Winfield’s Induction Heating Product Group and trained field service personnel are dedicated to providing power supplies, coils and fully integrated systems to customers worldwide. We have been supplying post-weld induction annealing systems for coil joining and other applications since the 1960’s.


Post-weld induction heating can be fully integrated into an existing welder with complete operator interface through an HMI or provided as a free-standing system with independent operation and control. All systems include weld temperature pyrometer control and power supplies with automatic load tuning that adjust the heat input based on feedback from the pyrometer.

  • Solid state IGBT based microprocessor control
  • Kilowatt range sized to application, machine and cycle time requirements
  • Pyrometer controlled temperature regulation
  • Automatic load tuning
  • “Upper Level” communication capability available
  • Full machine integration available, including:
    • Annealing temperature control
    • Welder and Annealing system compatibility
    • Single Operator HMI Interface
    • Welding parameter matrix updated to include annealing temperature control
  • Full system diagnostic capability
  • Interactive display for initial set-up, tuning and maintenance of power supply
  • Power supply screen will display:
    • Start
    • Stop
    • Ready
    • Power
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Frequency
    • Energy
    • All fault conditions (individually specified)
    • Pyrometer annealing temperature reading

Taylor-Winfield can assist with your welding challenges. Contact us today to discuss your machine upgrade needs and options available. Upgrades are available for other manufacturer’s welders.