Twin Lap Welders

Coil Width: 24" to 84" (610 mm to 2234 mm)

Coil Thickness: .015" to .250" (.38 mm to 6.35 mm)


The Vertical Narrow Lap Welder was developed to accommodate the coil joining requirements of "heavy gauge" Galvanizing Lines. However, its wide range capability provides a versatility that allows it to be applied in most mill lines that process thick and thin strip. The joint obtained meets the specifications of Narrow Lap Welding where a joint thickness of less than the sum of the two thicknesses being welded is needed, while retaining a joint strength equal to or better than the annealed parent strip.

Description:C-Flat Seam Welder

The design is referred to as being "vertical" since the shear opens upward and downward to allow the C-frame welding carriage to pass through the shear opening while welding.

The extra heavy design provides the maximum in rigidity to minimize component deflections.

This Narrow Lap welder securely clamps the two coil ends. After clamping, the welder shears, narrowly overlaps, and resistance welds the lapped area. The clamps remain closed throughout the joining process to insure accuracy of the lapped area. This produces welds of excellent quality with a lap that is 30% to 70% thicker than the base strip. The percentage of over thickness is dependent upon the thickness of the parent metal. This joint characteristic is very acceptable for most processing lines. Where a thinner joint is required, Taylor-Winfield's patented double pass Prep/Lap welding technique can be adapted. This technique produces a joint having a final thickness nearly the same as the parent material thickness. The welder can also be equipped to weld and planish using one pass of the carriage.

ull array of options is available.