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About Us:

Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. (TWT) is a worldwide leader in the supply of coil joining equipment for the steel industry. With proven processes for AHSS, UHSS and silicon steels and a legacy that dates to 1882, TWT is dedicated to bringing advanced technologies and process solutions to help our customers succeed in their markets.

Our Solutions:

Taylor-Winfield welders include the most advanced process control and data gathering systems required by the most sophisticated process lines built throughout the world. Choose from our complete line of welding machines, many of which are customized for unique customer requirements or contact us to see how we can upgrade your current machine (whether it’s a Taylor-Winfield machine or not) to extend the life cycle of your machine and add years of performance.

Many of today’s “automotive grade” Advanced and Ultra High Strength Steels (AHSS and UHSS) including Dual Phase, TRIP, high boron and other complex phase steels require post-weld induction annealing to temper the weld interface and restore ductility for subsequent processing in the production line. To learn more about our post weld induction annealing solutions.

TWT’s integrated product offerings, engineering capability, proven machine designs and manufacturing experience have made Taylor-Winfield a well-known and trusted source for specialized production equipment. With worldwide technical field service and spare parts support for new and existing customers, Taylor-Winfield has been the company customers have trusted for over 135 years.

Our Brands: TwinLap™, MegaLap™, C-Flat™, IWS5.0 Flash Welding Control, AnnWeld™ (PWHT), TWConnect™

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