Taylor-Winfield Wide-Lap Welders employ a traveling-type welding unit with two side-by-side, wheel-type copper alloy electrodes that roll across the lapped strip ends. The welding force is sustained by a conductive platen which underlies the strip ends. This secondary circuit remains constant regardless of strip width, eliminating troublesome sliding electrical contacts.

The two wheel-type electrodes operate simultaneously and can be adjusted to make roll spot or roll stop welds. Built-in gauging and clamping devices provide for proper coil end location. A machine-mounted, single-cut shear any many other mechanical and electrical options are offered to meet individual processing requirements.

Limited Overlap FEATURES

Min. Max.
Coil Width 18″
Coil Thickness .006″

Weld Descritption

Welds were double the thickness is acceptable

  • Eliminates the costly task of individually threading each new coil through a processing line
  • Fast Cycle Time
  • Low electrode maintenance
  • All units are equipped with gauging and clamping mechanisms for preparing the strip for welding.
  • Rugged “O” frame configuration.
  • Available with or without shear
  • Precision linear motion control of welding carriage.
  • AC, DC weld current available.
  • Constant current weld control for consistently high weld quality.
  • Various PLC’s available – GE Fanuc, Siemens, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley).
  • Automatic centering guides
  • Automatic strip cross alignment
  • Closed loop water chillers
  • Notchers for trimming strip edges
  • Weld quality “bulge” tester
  • Weld temperature monitoring
  • Weld wheel dresser