Narrow-Lap Seam Welders are designed for high-speed, continuous operation such as electrolytic tinning, cleaning and annealing lines where strip joining time must be minimized.

To achieve maximum speed, T-W Narrow-Lap Welders are completely pneumatic. Down-cut shear is “raked” to provide maximum vertical clearance for strip and operator visibility. T-W has designed and built over 150 Narrow-Lap Welders to meet exacting coil joining requirements.

Narrow Overlap FEATURES

Min. Max.
Coil Width 18″
Coil Thickness .003″

Weld Description

Less than double the parent metal thickness

  • Although not as thin as Prep/Lap or C-Flat joints, the Narrow-Lap joint is less than double the strip thickness.
  • A single-pass welding technique, along with an entry strip pre loading mechanism and scrap-end retractor (optional), make it the fastest continuous seam welder available today.
  • Fully automated Taylor-Winfield Narrow-Lap Welders utilize the latest electronic, mechanical and welding advancements to eliminate the potential for incorrect operator input.
  • Rugged “C” frame configuration.
  • Durable “Oil Bath” welding heads with quick-change weld wheel feature.
  • High precision pneumatic or hydraulic dual resquaring shear with four sided cutting blades.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic entry and exit clamps with quick change clamp liners.
  • Urethane clamp inserts to prevent strip slippage and separation.
  • Precision linear motion control of welding carriage.
  • AC, DC and MFDC weld current available.
  • Automatic weld parameter set-up with “Upper Level” computer communication.
  • Low-voltage or edge sensor weld initiation to prevent strip edge and weld wheel damage.
  • Constant current weld control for consistently high weld quality.
  • Various PLC’s available – GE Fanuc, Siemens, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley).
  • “Upper Level” computer communication via Profibus, Ethernet, or TCP/IP protocol.
  • Automatic centering guides
  • Automatic strip cross alignment
  • Closed loop water chillers
  • Notchers for trimming strip edges
  • Weld quality “bulge” tester
  • Weld temperature monitoring
  • Weld wheel dresser