The Vertical Narrow Lap Welder was developed to accommodate the coil joining requirements of “heavy gauge” galvanizing lines. Its wide range of capability provides a versatility that allows it to be applied in most mill lines that process thick and thin strips. The joint obtained meets the specifications of Narrow Lap Welding where a joint thickness of less than the sum of the two thickness being welded is needed, while retaining a joint strength equal to or better than the annealed parent strip.
If a thinner joint is required, Taylor-Winfield’s patented double pass Prep/Lap welding technique can be adapted. This technique produces a joint having a final thickness nearly the same as the parent material thickness.

Vertical Narrow Lap FEATURES

Min. Max.
Coil Width 24″
Coil Thickness .015″

Weld Description

Less than double the parent metal thickness

  • Vertical design allows for the shear to open upward and downward allowing the C-frame welding carriage to pass through the shear opening while welding.
  • Extra heavy design provides the maximum in rigidity to minimize component deflections
  • Joint characteristic is very acceptable for most processing lines
  • Welder can also be equipped to weld and planish using one pass of the carriage.
  • Full array of options are available
  • Rugged “O” frame configuration.
  • Durable “Oil Bath” welding heads with quick-change weld wheel feature.
  • High precision pneumatic or hydraulic dual resquaring shear with four sided cutting blades.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic entry and exit clamps with quick change clamp liners.
  • Urethane clamp inserts to prevent strip slippage and separation.
  • Precision linear motion control of welding carriage.
  • Automatic scrap removal.
  • AC, DC and MFDC weld current available.
  • Automatic weld parameter set-up with “Upper Level” computer communication.
  • Low-voltage or edge sensor weld initiation to prevent strip edge and weld wheel damage.
  • Constant current weld control for consistently high weld quality.
  • Various PLC’s available – GE Fanuc, Siemens, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley).
  • “Upper Level” computer communication via Profibus, Ethernet, or TCP/IP protocol.
  • Matrix or algorithmic weld parameter adjustment control.
  • Automatic centering guides
  • Automatic strip cross alignment
  • Closed loop water chillers
  • Notchers for trimming strip edges
  • Weld quality “bulge” tester
  • Weld temperature monitoring
  • Weld wheel dresser