By incorporating part handling, positioning tooling, vision orientation, labeling, process verification and other equipment into an induction heating process solution, Taylor-Winfield can create, design and build a comprehensive automated solution to fulfill a customer’s part production and processing needs.

Many of our induction heating process solutions begin in our Research & Development Laboratory where the process is used on customer parts and the “proof of process” solution and concept is qualified for production use.

From a simple single workstation to comprehensive automated parts production system, Taylor-Winfield will review your application and create an induction heating process solution for your needs.

Automated system
  • Special machines
    Induction Furnaces
    In-line brazing
    Automated heat-treat
    Dial-index tables
  • Inert gas processing
  • Dial-index tables
    Cam-driven devices for speed and accuracy
  • Pallet-transfer devices
    Quick part change-over
  • Roll-drives for continuous feeding
  • Robot-assisted induction processing
  • Lean Manufacturing Concepts
  • Applications for:
    Soldering and Brazing
    Blade stock and tubing