“MMF” MOSFET Medium Frequency

  • MOSFET technology with remote or local output
  • 3 to 320 KW at (35 to 100 KHz) or (135 to 400 KHz)
Benefits Mechanical Features Electrical Features Options
Power control:
MOSFET (Metal -Oxide- Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor)
Compact case size up to 7.5 kW Flexible load tuning/matching via tapped series inductor, and adjustable capacitance Remote control panel
Push button controls for easy operator interface, repeat accuracy of ± 0.1% of setting Output connection at cabinet Protection features include Over- current protection, Over-voltage protection, Power supply water flow switch, and internal temperature switch. RHS (Remote Heat Station) with 10′ (standard) cable length
Numeric display of power supply output volts,inverter current, output frequency & Kilowatts, and system performance
Line circuit breaker, manual operation with UVR(Under-Voltage Release) Foot Pedal
Economically Priced External analog connection for process automations
MMF 25
MMF Compact Power supply