“OHF” Oscillator, High Frequency

  • Traditional oscillator tube, new facelift
  • 1 to 200 KW at (200 KHz to 8,000 KHz)
Benefits Mechanical Features Electrical Features Options
Power control: Vacuum Tube based Oscillator RF generator with SCR (Silicon-Controlled Rectifier) power output control Bench-style design for 5 kW or less.

Floor-style for 10 kW or larger.

Solid-state SCR power output control provides stepless, continuous duty power control Standard model offer frequency ranges of 450 kHz and 200-400 kHz
H model offer frequency ranges of 2 MHz and 2-6 MHz
Numeric displays, push buttons , and potentiometer control for easy operator interface Heavy-duty tank circuit with Ther- Monic iron core RF impedance matching and voltage-reducing transformer
OHF - bench
OHF- Floor Style- front face
OHF- floor style