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Developed in response to customer demand for continuous “real-time” feedback of machine performance and weld parameter validation, the VeriWeld-SE™ weld seam monitor provides a comprehensive analysis of welder performance.

What We Provide

The VeriWeld-SE™ provides continuous feedback throughout the welding process to confirm user defined preset limits for:
• Weld Current
• Weld Temperature
• Weld Voltage
• Weld Force (single, tandem and dual cylinders)
• Weld Head Bucking Force (where applicable)
• Weld Carriage Speed
• Planish Force (where applicable)
• Coil Identification (manual input or downloaded)
• Date/Time Stamp

The goal is to identify a potential problem before the weld is released into the process line. Continuous monitoring of the machine performance during the welding cycle also assists in identifying items on the machine, such as weld head bearing failure, secondary shunting, shear blade wear, and others that should be addressed by maintenance personnel for optimal machine performance.

For more information, please review our VeriWeld-SE™ brochure or Contact us for further details.

Post-Weld Induction Annealing Systems


AHSS Steel Grades • Dual Phase • TRIP • High Boron
Seam • Laser • Flash Welders

Full Integration Available For Existing Taylor-Winfield Welders
Any Other Manufacturers Welder!

Typical Full Integration Machine HMI Screen

For more information, please review our Post-Weld Induction brochure or Contact us for further details.