EB-00 Foot Operated Spot Welders

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  • Precision straddle ball bushing and dual cam roller ram guide system of long term electrode alignment and minimum dynamic friction.
  • Precision calibrated pre-compressed spring weld force system with micrometer readout scale for maximum reset ability.
  • Weld force firing switch to assure application of electrode force before current flow initiation.
  • Low inertia upper electrode ram structure for superior follow-up on extremely short weld times.
  • Adjustable-rotatable horns for versatile electrode configuration capability.
  • High strength socket head cap screw electrode clamping hardware to resist head stripping in repeated use.
  • Transformer cable mounting studs to isolate electrodes from cable magnetic impulse.
  • With accelerator foot treadle and pull chain.
  • Lever-operated for minimum operator fatigue.
Weld Force Range 1-8 Lb. (2.2-17.6 kg.) light Spring
1-20 Lb. (4.4-44 kg) heavy Spring
7.3 Lb. (3.3kg) minimum pedal force required
Throat Depth Adjustable 2.375-3.125 (60-80mm)
Horn Spacing 0.5-1” (12-25mm)
+0.5 (12mm)by inverting lower horn
Electrode Opening .625 (16mm) maximum
Horn Diameter .375” (9.6mm) diameter
Electrode Size .125” dia. x 2.5” (3.2mm x 64mm) standard
Weld Head Size 9.75” H x 4” W x 7.6 long (247x101x193mm)
Weight (Head Only) 10 Lb. (4.5 kg)
Normal Transformer Rating 2.5 KVA 50% Duty Cycle
Machine Type EB-00
Transformer Type L1-.075-3-12-T1
KVA Rating .75
Secondary Cables E-147272
Secondary Volts Max.
Secondary Amps., S.C.* Max. +/- 10%
Min. +/- 10%
KVA Demand, S.C. ** Max. +/- 20% 7.5
Duty Cycle, S.C. Max. % .5
Primary Amps. Max. 230 Volts
460 Volts
Fusible Line Switch Rating 230 Volts 10
Cable Size, 50% Drop, for Cable Run 100 Ft. Max., Cable to contact 230 Volt
460 Volt

* At 2″ Horn Spacing
** Cables are part of transformer secondary

Taylor-Winfield recommends the above isolation switch, fuse and cable sizes, but customer should check local, city and state electrical code requirements.

The switch size, fuse size and feeder cable size are selected for short circuit capacity of equipment; that is, with electrodes shorted. When using this type of welder, the actual welding current may be considerably less than the indicated short circuit value since the welding job will normally have considerable resistance