EB-1 & EBA 1 1/2 Bench Type Spot Welders

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  • These bench mounted welders consist of a cast main frame mounted on a tubular support column. The column passes through a hole in the bench top and is supported by the welder base. This provides vertical adjustment of the lower horn and upper electrode holder. Height of machine above bench top is also adjustable.
  • The upper electrode is attached to a copper alloy holder; a flexible copper band connects the upper holder to the rear terminal which provides the means for attachment of the welding transformer cable.
  • The lower horn holds the lower electrode in a vertical positions or at desired angular positions. The horn may be swung to either side and is adjustable in or out. The lower horn has a terminal pad for attachment of the transformer cable.
  • A precision type firing switch is actuated by compression of the weld force spring which assures that proper weld force is applied prior to control firing.
  • Low friction bearings and low inertia of moving parts assures high quality welding on critical jobs.

EB-1 welder an operating rod, which moves up and down through the tubular column, is attached to a lever in the welder frame which in turn transmits vertical movement to a non-rotating outer quill. When the operating rod is pushed upward, the outer quill is moved downward until the upper electrode contacts the work. This upper electrode is attached to a low inertia inner quill operating in oilite bushings. A downward pressure is exerted on this inner quill by a graduated pressure spring which determines the actual welding force.. By means of mechanical linkages maximum welding force with very little muscular effort is obtained. Such linkage action permits rapid approach of the upper electrode to the work, controlled deceleration and contact on the work without impact. The foot operating mechanism consists of a swinging type treadle, adjustable to individual leg length and angle requirements. A bicycle type pedal permits natural leg motion for high-speed production.

In the EBA-1-1/2 welder the upper electrode is clamped to an operating ram having hardened and ground guide surfaces. These surfaces are contacted by sealed adjustable antifriction roller bearings, assuring a smooth low friction vertical motion of the ram, necessary for precise welder operation. These welders are ideal for projection welding when fitted with tooling platens. The air operating mechanism is mounted on top of the welder frame and consist of an air cylinder with a screw adjustment for setting the stroke of the welder head. It is also equipped with an air filter, oil fog lubricator, solenoid operated 4-way air valve and exhaust muffler. A foot switch is provided to initiate the welder operation. A foot operating mechanism is available on request as a special extra cost option.

Controls and Transformers

Several combinations of electrical controls and transformers are available and a Taylor-Winfield representative will be pleased to assist you in selecting a combination best suited to your needs. Equipment can be furnished to operate on 230 or 460 volts, 60 Hz, single phase or a-c power.

  • Wood top table for both EB-1 and EBA-1-1/2 welders. Table provides for mounting and interconnection of machine, control and transformer.
  • Upper and lower platens for EBA-1-1/2 welder only. Platens can be furnished in place of or in addition to standard upper holder and lower horn