Our best seller, the floor model EBB-3, RWMA Size 0, incorporates all the features of our larger models making this the lowest cost, most versatile piece of equipment in our resistance welder line. These welders are strong, compact, efficient and capable of spot or projection welding. Crafted of high quality materials with T-W dependability.

In addition, we stock a complete inventory of replacement parts and in-stock components can be shipped within 24 hours of order receipt. When you buy from Taylor-Winfield, you get sound technical advice, competent service and continued performance backed by single source responsibility.


A hardened and ground steel ram which operates in a sealed anti-friction linear ball bearing bushing

Extremely low friction air cylinders – 1000 lb force system on 30 and 50 kva welders – 500 lb force system on 20 kva welder – 240 lb force system on 10 kva welder

Gravity ram drop with electrical interlock for easy set-up

Air pressure regulator, gauge,force chart, and speed control valves

Airline lubricator and filter with water trap and automatic drain
Air exhaust muffler

Four transformer sizes – 10,20,30 and 50 kva with Class B insulation, built to RWMA specifications

Built-in 8 step and series parallel tap switches for 16 steps of transformer output adjustment

Single stage foot switch

8″ throat – 1.75″ operating stroke

Lower knockout holder and upper screw in adapter – RWMA #4 electrodes on 10 & 20 kva – RWMA #5 electrodes on 30 & 50 kva
Adjustable rectangular lower horn

Hoses for cooling water exit at rear of frame for connecting to supply and drain

Two instruction manuals

Standard paint: Weather Gray


  • Pressurized ram drop with electrical interlock
  • 4.5″ air gauge, calibrated in pounds weld force
  • Adjustable stroke cylinder, 1.75″ max. operating stroke (specify force 250#, 565# or 1000#)
  • Heavy duty roller bearing ram
  • Airlock 900 lbs. for use on roller ram
  • Air operated lower ram
  • Ball bearing dual ram including two air cylinders, T-slot upper platens, electrode holders, fabricated steel lower platen, 1.25″ – 5.25″ electrode spacing
  • Anti-impact mechanism with solenoid valve and electronic time delay relay.
  • 2.75″ ram operating stroke


  • Knockout upper electrode holder
  • T-slotted upper and/or lower platen, 4″ sq., 2.75″ slot cc.
  • Round lower horn
  • Standard lower platen


Dual voltage welding transformer, 220-440 volts, re-withoutconnectable

  • Welding transformer for 50 hz operation
  • Special kva transformer


  •  Inlet and outlet water manifolds with or without flow indicators. (For use in plant water recirculating systems)
  • Quick change hose couplings in lower electrode water circuit
  • Water saver valve, solenoid operated by heat on/off switch
  • Water funnel with open drain and two flow adjusting valves.


  • Mechanical safety ram latch with non-repeat, non-tie down palm buttons
  • Manual tool slide with limit switch (Platens and dual palm buttons required)
  • 180 degree oscillating table and controls (Dual palm buttons required)


  • Two stage foot switch
  • Dual non-repeat, non-tie down palm buttons – one stage with or without foot switch and keyed selector switch
  • Heat on/off switch
  • Mounting of welder control, piping, interconnection and system test
  • T-W solid state controls


  • Special machine heights available
  • Special paint (Specify brand, type and color)
  • Additional instruction books
  • Export boxing


  • Taylor-Winfield has the unique capability of building its own high quality solid state microprocessor welding controls
  • To avoid installation and maintenance problems, controls and accessories are designed specifically for T-W welders
  • We assume full responsibility for the complete coordinated equipment package.
  • A wide selection of various accessories are applicable to EBB-3 welders including the latest safety features to meet OSHA requirements.