The INV-1 “BLUE GOOSE” Press Type Spot Welders

This inverter welding head is so revolutionary we gave it a special name, the “Blue Goose.” On top of the low inertia ram is a patented accelerator that gives the “Blue Goose” the best follow-up action in the welding industry. This makes it an ideal machine for cross-wire welding, and other spot and projection welding applications. It creates low impact, high-speed welds with exceptional repeatability and virtually no deflection.

In addition, we stock a complete inventory of replacement parts and in-stock components can be shipped within 24 hours of order receipt. When you buy from Taylor-Winfield, you get sound technical advice, competent service and continued performance backed by single source responsibility.

  • Robust steel frame with no measurable deflection, even at full operating force.
  • Designed for the special requirements of inverter welding.
  • Low-inertia ram mounted on upper frame with zero clearance re circulating ball beraring ensures consistently smooth and precise movement throughout the welding cycle.
  • Easy interconnection with AC or DC inverter transformers and weld controls.
  • Patent pending cylinder accelerator to assure fast weld follow up.
  • Adjustable air regulator with gauge.
  • Single stage foot switch initiation (guarded type).
  • 4-way solenoid air valve and exhaust muffler.
  • Non-lubricated air system – environmentally friendly.
  • Water cooler 1” (25mm) diameter electrode holders with #2 MT.
  • 7.5 KVA air cooled transformer.
  • 2″ or 3 1/4″ air cylinder (specify)
  • Maple “Butcher Block” Table 30 x 48” with all components mounted and interconnected.
  • Manual Valve with safety interlocks for lowering the ram allowing electrode cleaning and alignment checks.
  • Dual Palm Buttons or Dual Wand-Type initiation switches with non-repeat, non tie-down.
  • Three Phase MFDC Inverter power supplies available up to 85KVA producing approximately 20,000 maximum secondary AMPS.
  • AC Transformers, 10KVA producing up to 20,000 AMPS.
Throat Depth 8” (200mm)
Horn Spacing 5” (127mm)
Operating Stroke 1 1/4” (32mm)
Electrodes 5RW (#2MT)
Electrode Opening 1” (25mm) max.
Weld Force 2” Cylinder:250Lbs. at 80PSI max. air pressure
3 1/4” Cylinder:650Lbs. at 80PSI max. air pressure
Weights Welder – 210 Lbs.
Transformer – 150 Lbs.
Control – Varies with manufacturer
Transformer, Dual Voltage 230/460 @ 50/60Hz. L2
KVA Rating 7.5
Secondary Cables 600 MCM 16” CFF Term.
Secondary Volts 5.97 Max.
2.99 Min.
Secondary Amps., S.C. +/- 10% 12,300 Max.
1,100 Min.
KVA Demand, S.C. Max. +/- 20% 73.4
Primary Amps, Max. 230 Volts: 319
460 Volts: 159
Fusible Line Switch Rating, Amps 230 Volts: 60
460 Volts: 30
Line Fuse Rating, Amps 230 Volts: 60
460 Volts: 30
Recommended Cable Size for Runs up to 100 ft. 230 Volts: #4 AWG
460 Volts: #8 AWG

Although Taylor-Winfield recommends the indicated fusible isolation switches and cable sizes, check local, city and state electrical code requirements.

Blue Goose INV1-500-10