Seam Welders

The main frame of these seam welders is of heavy, rigidly reinforced welded steel construction for a minimum of mechanical deflection but a maximum of accessibility and neat appearance. The lower conductor support or knee is a heavy steel fabrication keyed to the frame for accurate vertical adjustment. The upper conductor is insulated from the frame, while the lower conductor is grounded to the frame, therefore work support tables or conveyors can also be grounded.

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• Heavy, reinforced welded steel construction with current collector bearings.

• Straddle type bushing bearings are provided for longitudinal configuration.

• Tapered roller bearings carry the weld force load with absolute minimum friction and maintain   precise alignment.

• Oil bath for lubrication and heat dissipation with water cooled shaft and copper housing; provide high welding capacity at high duty cycle with a minimum of maintenance

• Exceptionally low friction air cylinders.

• Highly efficient water cooled welding transformer with Class F (155°C)

• Insulation made in accordance with RWMA specifications.

• Speed control valves to control ram movement.

• Upper head adjustable for in/out wheel alignment.

• Tap switch for multiple steps of transformer secondary voltage.

• Two stage foot switch with pressure switch interlock.

• Bushing type secondary current bearings; class 2/class 3 alloy combination.

• Variable speed D.C. motor for wheel drive.

• Single gear, single knurl or single friction drive.

• Pair of wheel electrodes, RWMA Class 2.

• Single phase AC or three phase MFDC.

• Weld force chart, force vs. cylinder air pressure.

• Open drain water system with inlet manifold and flow adjusting valves.

• One set of instruction manuals and standard flint gray paint.

Circular - wheels are perpendicular to the welder throat and are the most popular for making long seams in flat sheet or around flanges, as in fuel tanks or around a cylinder.

Longitudinal - wheels are parallel to the welder throat and the lower conductor is usually an unsupported round horn which allows clearance in welding the longitudinal seam of a cylinder or barrel.

Universal - Capable of conversion to either circular or longitudinal rotating the upper weld head and replacing the lower arm. Two lower arms would be provided