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Laser Welding System

Taylor-Winfield’s new Eclipse X1 is the most technologically advanced laser welder for metals finishing and galvanizing lines to date, eclipsing all other current systems on the international market. Made in the USA, the Eclipse X1 joins steel grades from LCS through AHSS and UHSS, as well as other metals such as aluminum and copper. Our laser welding system overcomes variation in strip shape and presentation and offers real-time feedback to ensure the highest weld quality. 

Taylor-Winfield has a long and substantial history of providing the highest quality coil joining welding machines to the metals processing industry. Our new Eclipse X1 solid-state fiber laser welder is no exception. The development of this machine evolved from our vast experience manufacturing coil joining welders and the shortcomings we have seen from laser welding machines on the current market. After collaborating with the world’s top laser welding experts on its technical design, the Eclipse X1 is the most modern fiber laser welding system for coil joining applications.

Strip Material Specifications:

  • Steel Grades: Cold & Hot Rolled Steels (LCS, AHSS, UHSS, SS & Silicon)
  • Other Materials: Aluminum, Copper & Titanium (grades evaluated per inquiry)
  • Strip Thickness: 0.41mm to 4.00mm (0.016” – 0.160”)
  • Strip Width: 850 – 1930mm (33” – 76”)

Mechanical Features:

  • Servo Controlled Carriage Drive for Laser Welding & Cutting Head Arrangements
  • Entry Clamp with Horizontal and Longitudinal Movement
  • Exit Clamp with Vertical Height Adjustment
  • Laser Cutting and Welding Heads with Integral Gas Shielding Delivery Systems
  • Modular Quick-Change Welding & Cutting Laser Heads
  • Servo controlled Upper and Lower Planish Rolls (selectable on/off)
  • Laser Weld Identification Hole Cutting
  • “No-Touch” Scrap Handling System
  • Induction Heating Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment Power Supplies, Coils & Support Structure (Optional)

Electrical Features:

  • Real-Time Weld Quality Monitoring System, Weld Profiling and GOOD/BAD Weld Quality Feedback
  • Dual Screen HMI Operator Station with Live Video Feed
  • Machine Operation and Verification System with Data Acquisition, Analysis and Reporting; Industry 4.0 Ready
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for Machine Sequences
  • Connectivity: Profinet & I/O Link
  • Live Online Remote Machine Monitoring Support via TWConnect
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Our full-service metal joining and induction heating R&D Laboratory is now equipped with a fully functional Coil Joining Laser Welder including:
  • 1930mm Laser Welder with Solid State Fiber Laser Power Supply
  • Servo Controlled Laser Cutting & Welding Heads
  • Induction Pre & Post Weld Heat Treatment
The Coil Joining Laser Laboratory is available for customer sampling and proof of process validation.


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