Manufacturers involved in parts production, handling and packaging turn to our Automated Assembly Product Group for lean manufacturing and process automation solutions for high-quality and repeatable parts production.

From general automation for mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly to specialized processes for highly sensitive production environments, T-W’s Automated Assembly Product Group enables our customers to achieve their production goals.

Designed and Built to Your Needs

Automated Assembly Systems Designed and Built to Your Needs
Each system is designed, engineered, built, tested and qualified to the requirements of the specific parts production and assembly process. Our design teams include in-house mechanical, electrical, controls and software engineers who specialize in machine and process automation.

Assembly Systems Include

Robotic System Integration
Robotic integration for complex, intricate and repeatable parts handling, welding and heat treatment parts production. Over a decade of robotic integration experience with hundreds of robots in automated assembly systems.


Certified System Integrator – We are certified system integrators for Yaskawa Motoman, Fanuc & Kawasaki.
We also have extensive experience with ABB, Kuka, and Denso  robot integration.
Robotic systems integrated with welding and induction heating, adhesive coating, drive screws and riveting processes. Systems include parts placement and orientation vision systems, parts identification/marking/packaging, and part quality verification with complete data acquisition and feedback to SPC and SQC systems.


Certified Vision Integrator
Machine self-diagnostic functions can be included for monitoring and display of operating status and conditions.

Welding Process Integration
From single to multiple welding processes including Resistance Welding, ARC (MIG, TIG, Plasma) and Laser Welding integrated into continuous parts production systems.

Induction Heating Integration
Induction heat treatment, brazing and tempering processes integrated into a complete assembly system for optimal part production.

Rotary and linear index systems configured and integrated to move parts smoothly and reliably from station to station. Parts loading and unloading equipment provided as part of a continuous production line, or for specific stages in a non-synchronous multi-station assembly process.

Diagnostics & Data Acquisition
Custom designed systems with sophisticated diagnostic process verification to assist machine operators and maintenance personnel with operation of the equipment.
Integration of special software packages that include such features as Statistical Process Control (SPC), Event Detectors, Data Logger, Reporting, Trending Network and Alarming

Rotary and Linear Synchronous Systems
Rotary and/or linear systems fully synchronized to keep your parts moving from station to station through a complete integrated assembly process.

Non Synchronous Systems
Stand-alone manual load and unload stations with automatic internal process and part placement control built on linear tracks, rotary dial tables or cross transfers systems. Non synchronous systems are used for parts manufacturing where each stand-alone station performs a unique function that is integral to an overall part assembly process.

Non synchronous systems are expandable by adding additional automated cells to the assembly process when future part production demands increase.

Quality Control
Vision inspection systems integrated to perform in-line inspection and part placement verification for individual or complete part assemblies. Integrated vision systems can detect non-conforming parts which are identified and rejected from the assembly process to assure quality control.

Part tracking systems including mechanical and visual parts marking, such as barcoding and laser marking, with software integration for parts and assemblies integrated into a synchronous or non-synchronous assembly system as required.

System Automation
Automated machine operating systems include manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic process control according to your process and production needs.  Comprehensive data acquisition, part identification and historic part production data archiving are available.

Production Flexibility and Factory Floor Durability
Automated assembly systems include flexible lean manufacturing and automation processes to match parts production needs for today and in the future. The systems are designed for efficient part adjustment and tooling changes to maximize production rates and minimize downtime.

New automated assembly systems can be integrated into existing production lines, or develop as part of a comprehensive new production project.

Start-Up and Commissioning

All automated assembly systems are tested and qualified in collaboration with the customer before shipment.  The same T-W test and field service engineers who qualify the equipment prior to shipment are available to assist with on-site start-up and commissioning if requested.

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