What is Capacitive Discharge Welding?

Capacitive discharge welding (CD Welding) is the fastest form of resistance welding and utilizes capacitors to deliver the power to the part. Capacitors are charged with large amounts of energy. Then, the energy is rapidly released into the parts within milliseconds.

An example of a simplified CD welding circuit is shown below. As the capacitor is charging S1 is closed and S2 is open. Once the capacitor is charged to the desired value, S1 will open and S2 will close releasing all the energy into the part.


  • Projection Welding
  • Weld nuts and fasteners
  • Advanced high strength steels
  • Coated steels

Why Choose Taylor-Winfield Machines with the Kapkon Capacitor Discharge Power Supply?


VERSATILITY and RELIABILITY! KAPKON has the most versatile CD power supply on the market thanks to their multi-capacitor source (MCS) system. The MCS system is a combination of 25 capacitors wired into 4 distinct quadrants or banks that can all be released independently and some simultaneously and in a very controlled manner. This ability to rapidly release multiple capacitor pulses without having to wait a few seconds for the capacitors to charge allows this system to take advantage of the properties of thermal coupling. As a metal increases in temperature, the electrical resistance goes up for that metal. As its resistance goes up, the metal’s rate of temperature increase when current feeds through it increases as well.

Due to this phenomenon, this system can drastically reduce the heat affected zone (HAZ) of a weld by compounding pulses very rapidly while still achieving a great bond! Also these, 4 distinct banks can be charged to a wide variety of energies giving this system the ability to do a vast amount of different materials, thickness combinations, and projection sizes.

One machine, endless possibilities.


  • Combination pulse sequences allow welding current and thus heat conduction adapted to the joining task
  • Surface conditioning and activation by initial pulses and introduction of the necessary joining energy by press pulses are leading to a reduced tendency to splatter during the welding process and increased process stability due to low strength fluctuations
  • Capacitor circuit enables thermal coupling of individual pulses
  • Possibility of varying the current rise times through different capacitor capacities
  • Demanding pulses for preheating and for reducing the cooling speed
  • Peak current boost / peak current reduction
  • Maximum energy with low peak current

Conventional single-pulse welding possible

  • Maximum energy with low peak current
  • Conventional single-pulse welding possible


  • Features
    • Analysis of current, voltage, power, energy, force and displacement
    • Event-oriented process control
    • Internal data storage of up to 100,000 data records
    • Energy efficiency through adjustable mains current consumption
    • Four different user levels
  • Stored records
    • 30 META data; measured and calculated values characterizing the process
    • 8 synchronous curves with resolution 0.05 ms
    • Complete welding program that can be used again at any time
  • Benefit
    • Variable current curve
    • Flexible parameterization
    • Comprehensive visualization and trend analysis
    • Efficient data management and backup
    • Parameter control via integrated simulation

Taylor-Winfield Technologies Now Offers Latest Breakthrough in Capacitive Discharge Welding


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