Resistance Welders

With many options for spot, projection, rocker arm
and flash butt applications, TWT's Essential Series
of Resistance Welders have a cost-effective solution
to meet your needs.

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Essential Series Resistance Welders

Taylor-Winfield’s essential line of resistance welders were designed with the end user in mind. These economical, off-the-shelf solutions have many different configurations to suit your welding needs. With short lead times and a price tag to match, check out our newest line-up of value priced welders.
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Spot/Projection Welders


Standard Spot/Projection Welders
Custom Configurations Available Upon Request

Model Type Throat Depth (Inches) Weld Force Max (Pounds) KVA Range (AC)
R-20 Rocker Arm 18 372 20
R-25 Rocker Arm 18 454 25
R-45 Rocker Arm 19 537 45
R-45 ET Rocker Arm* 28 375 45
S-35 Press Spot welder 16 618 35
S-60 Press Spot welder 17 971 60
S-125 Press Spot welder 20 1859 125
P-50 Press Projection welder 17 971 50
P-80 Press welder with Platens 16 1520 80
P-80 ET Press welder with Platens* 26 1520 80
P-100 Press welder with Platens 16 1859 100
P-150 Press welder with Platens 16 2480 150
P-250 Press welder with Platens18 3894 250
P-250 ET Press welder with Platens* 26 2666 250
BM-50 Bench mount welder 11 971 50
BM-100 Bench mount welder 13 1859 100
* denotes extended throat size

Flash Butt Welders


Standard Flash Butt Welders
Custom Configurations Available Upon Request

Model Type Clamping Force Upset Force Max. Pounds KVA Range- AC
Flash 25 2791 930 25
Flash 60 6201 3721 60
Flash 100 10646 4961 100

Welder Rebuild & Upgrades

Taylor-Winfield Technologies offers a unique rebuild service by restoring resistance welders to brand new condition. We provide quality rebuilds guaranteed to meet or exceed the original performance requirements.

Click “Need Assistance” above and provide the information requested for a free consultation with our Applications Engineer(s). We will help by understanding your project and parts production requirements to ensure our machine solution will meet your needs. When you work with Taylor-Winfield, you get sound technical advice, competent service, and continued support throughout the “Life-Cycle” of your machine(s) all backed by single source responsibility from a company with over 135 years of experience in providing manufacturing parts production machinery and automated assembly solutions to customers worldwide.


As a Capital Equipment Manufacturer, we provide standard & custom engineered parts production solutions, all under one roof. From concept through engineering, assembly and test, we have the expertise, resources, and commitment to ensure quality equipment & total “life” support for all the equipment we manufacture.

Research & Development Laboratory

The Research and Development​ Center can help improve part quality, quantify existing processes, create reliable parts production expectations, and establish machine performance criterion.

Aftermarket Spare Parts & Copper Products

Taylor-Winfield’s Aftermarket Spare Parts & Copper Products Group provides “life support”, parts and ancillary equipment for existing machines worldwide.

Worldwide Field Service and Support

Taylor-Winfield’s technicians have mechanical, electrical, & programming skills, enabling them to provide timely, quality service, and to supervise or perform on-site machine evaluations, repairs, & upgrades.

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