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Resistance Welding Solutions

Since the turn of the 20th century, Taylor-Winfield has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of resistance welding equipment. As one of the first companies to master this technology, Taylor-Winfield helped write the process specifications found in many welding textbooks, parts joining requirements, and the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA) Manual.

Taylor-Winfield’s resistance welding machines can be found in metal processing and parts production factories throughout the world. Today, we offer a welding solution for just about any application. Whether it’s one of our robust Signature Series welders, a economically priced Essential Series Welder, a coil joining strip processing welder or a rebuilt used welder, Taylor-Winfield has the solution to your resistance welding needs.

Please choose from the following categories to learn more about our resistance welding solutions:

The Signature Line includes our classic heavy-duty welders that stand the test of time. They are customizable for unique customer applications and capable of delivering repeatable Class A welds. This line of Spot/Projection, Seam, Flash, and Multi-gun welders are designed to deliver years of service with minimal maintenance for critical parts production applications.

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The Essential Series welders are economically priced, off-the-shelf, packaged welders designed to get the job done with minimal investment. They are designed for lighter duty sheet metal and other applications. Spot/Projection, Rocker Arm and Flash welders are available with short lead-times and an economical price.

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With a comprehensive offering of coil joining steel strip welders, including traditional overlap seam and laser welding, TWT remains the company steel producers and line builders turn to for new welders, upgrades, field service and aftermarket spare parts. Click here or the photo for more information.
Taylor-Winfield is historically known for having the most reliable resistance welders in the industry. These welders stand the test of time. Their robust designs enable these machines to perform for decades giving you confidence that when you own a Taylor-Winfield welder, it has been built to last. Click here or the photo for more information.


As a Capital Equipment Manufacturer, we provide standard & custom engineered parts production solutions, all under one roof. From concept through engineering, assembly and test, we have the expertise, resources, and commitment to ensure quality equipment & total “life” support for all the equipment we manufacture.

Research & Development Laboratory

The Research and Development​ Center can help improve part quality, quantify existing processes, create reliable parts production expectations, and establish machine performance criterion.

Aftermarket Spare Parts & Copper Products

Taylor-Winfield’s Aftermarket Spare Parts & Copper Products Group provides “life support”, parts and ancillary equipment for existing machines worldwide.

Worldwide Field Service and Support

Taylor-Winfield’s technicians have mechanical, electrical, & programming skills, enabling them to provide timely, quality service, and to supervise or perform on-site machine evaluations, repairs, & upgrades.

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