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Field Service

Whether you’re looking to optimize performance or to address a maintenance issue, our team provides a full spectrum of services. Protect the investment you’ve made in your equipment with the Test & Service Group at Taylor-Winfield Technologies.

Life support for new and existing machines

Machine Health Assessment:

This allows the OEM to evaluate the equipment, either while it is running to watch the operation and application, or while it is offline to take measurements, checks wear items and assist in areas that may be affecting the equipment performance.

Preventative Maintenance Assistance:

We collaborate with our customer’s maintenance team to develop routine maintenance schedules and consult on proper installation of replacement parts during scheduled outages. We can also assist with ensuring the maintenance team is performing the proper preventative maintenance as described in our operator manuals.

Upgrade Supervision:

Assist your maintenance and support team’s installation and commissioning of new upgrades to ensure that the upgrade is installed correctly and that it works as intended.

Startup & Commissioning:

Our service engineers can provide startup and commissioning support to ensure that new equipment is powered up and commissioned properly.

On-site Service Support:

Our knowledgeable Test & Service team can assist with emergency service or help troubleshoot issues with your current equipment. Our service engineers can work with your maintenance and operations teams to discover what may have led to the issues and can help resolve the issue.

Online Remote Service:

Through TWT’s remote diagnostic service, TW Connect, our expert Electrical Engineers can securely remote into the customer’s PLC and provide remote support to remedy control or programming issues. THis can only be offered on TWT equipment and the equipment must have a PLC.

Operator & Maintenance Training:

Service engineers can provide hands-on training at the machine to bridge a possible generational gap and train operators and maintenance personnel on how to operate the equipment, how to test for a satisfactory weld, and how to properly maintain the equipment.

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