Robotic Material
Removal System


Taylor-Winfield has a long and substantial history of providing the most advanced material removal systems to a variety of industries.

By adding this flexible system to your production facility, you can dramatically improve the reliability, repeatability, accuracy and safety of any deburring, flash removing, grinding, and/or buffing process to remove unwanted material. This system can include single or multiple robots and can be customized to your application and facility requirements.

System pic comp


  • Reduces operating costs by Integrating automation
  • Eliminates changeover requirements for one part configuration to the next & automatic tool changeovers between operations
  • Overcomes angle variation with real time flexible part verification through vision system identification and feedback
  • Laser sensor finds final part location and positions robot to maintain consistent cut penetration & depth
  • Analog force feedback device provides monitoring to ensure consistency of the cut and predict excessive wear of the cutting tool
vision system identification

Vision Identification

DSC 0017 scaled

Tool Changing Station

DSC 0021 scaled

Flexible Part Verification


  • Robot controller package with integrated I/O and analog controlling features 

  • Optional programmable logic controller (PLC) and operator interface screen (HMI) for machine

  • Vision system 

  • Laser displacement sensor 

  • Safety laser scanner


  • 6 axis robot

  • Force feedback mechanism (Push-Pull)

  • Tube blow out

  • Automatic clamping mechanism 

  • Tool change station

  • High speed electric cutting spindle with automatic tooling changeover 

  • Water cooling system for the cutting head 

  • Chip collection pan

Available Data Points for
ERP System:

  • Outside diameter 

  • Inside diameter (if pipe)

  • Product material

  • Spindle cutting tool speed in amp

  • Chamfer feed rate (cutting traverse speed)

  • Cut direction (clockwise or counter clockwise)

  • Additional 360 degrees cut if requested for deeper chamfer

  • Cutting force in the axial direction of the pipe

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