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Taylor-Winfield’s new Eclipse X1 is the most technologically advanced laser welder for metals finishing and galvanizing lines to date, eclipsing all other current systems on the international market. Made in the USA, the Eclipse X1 joins steel grades from LCS through AHSS and UHSS, as well as other metals such as aluminum and copper. Our laser welding system overcomes variation in strip shape and presentation and offers real-time feedback to ensure the highest weld quality.

Taylor-Winfield has a long and substantial history of providing the highest quality coil joining welding machines to the metals processing industry. Our new Eclipse X1 solid-state fiber laser welder is no exception. The development of this machine evolved from our vast experience manufacturing coil joining welders and the shortcomings we have seen from laser welding machines on the current market. After collaborating with the world’s top laser welding experts on its technical design, the Eclipse X1 is the most modern fiber laser welding system for coil joining applications.

Strip Material Specifications:

  • Steel Grades: Cold & Hot Rolled Steels (LCS, AHSS, UHSS, SS & Silicon)
  • Other Materials: Aluminum, Copper & Titanium (grades evaluated per inquiry)
  • Strip Thickness: 0.41mm to 4.00mm (0.016” – 0.160”)
  • Strip Width: 850 – 1930mm (33” – 76”)
  • Servo Controlled Carriage Drive for Laser Welding & Cutting Head Arrangements
  • Entry Clamp with Horizontal and Longitudinal Movement
  • Exit Clamp with Vertical Height Adjustment
  • Laser Cutting and Welding Heads with Integral Gas Shielding Delivery Systems
  • Modular Quick-Change Welding & Cutting Laser Heads
  • Servo controlled Upper and Lower Planish Rolls (selectable on/off)
  • Laser Weld Identification Hole Cutting 
  • “No-Touch” Scrap Handling System
  • Induction Heating Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment Power Supplies, Coils & Support Structure (Optional)
  • Real-Time Weld Quality Monitoring System, Weld Profiling and GOOD/BAD Weld Quality Feedback
  • Dual Screen HMI Operator Station with Live Video Feed
  • Machine Operation and Verification System with Data Acquisition, Analysis and Reporting; Industry 4.0 Ready
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for Machine Sequences
  • Connectivity: Profinet & I/O Link
  • Live Online Remote Machine Monitoring Support via TWConnect


The X-Roll® is the most technologically advanced heavy gauge coil joining laser welder on the market for pickle lines, PLTCM and other heavy gauge process lines. Now in its 3rd generation design, the X-Roll® is successfully operating in steel mills across the globe. Unique features include:
X roll laser welding system
  • Automatic welding parameters set-up for every material pairing
  • Integrated real-time weld seam quality assurance system
  • Cycle time below 60 seconds
  • Patented pre and post weld induction heat treatment of the weld seam
  • Simplified rapid shear knife cassette changing
  • Automatic scrap handling
  • Compact design with simple foundation – perfect for revamps
  • Easy, safe, and repeatable operation

Seam Welders

Taylor Winfield Technologies’ seam welders deliver high performance and efficiency for your operation with a wide range of welding techniques to achieve any joint configuration.





Horizontal Narrow Lap (HNL)


Post Weld Induction Annealing- Inline & free-standing systems
Weld Seam Monitoring
Welder Control Systems
Weld Testers/ Weld Wheel Dressers
Machine Reconditioning Service
Punching/Notching Machines

Forgiving welding process compared to Laser and other joining processes.

  • Skilled Trade personnel do not need extensive training to operate and maintain the welder.
  • No need to release tension in your mill to pass the weld -creates a “Rollable Weld”.
  • Less concern about weld breaking when moving across strip support and tension rolls.
  • In many applications, the weld does not have to be removed before subsequent processing coating, annealing, or galvanizing the strip.
  • No damage to seals, rolls or bearings when passing the weld through the line.
  • Less waste and scrap.
  • Lower initial investment, operating and maintenance costs than TIG, MIG or Laser welding systems.
  • Fast cycle time – typically less than 60 seconds for the maximum width and thickness.
  • Rugged “O” or “C” frame configuration.
  • Hydraulic entry and exit clamps with quick change clamp liners.
  • Precision linear motion control of welding platen.
  • AC or DC weld current available.
  • Automatic weld parameter set-up with “Upper Level” computer communication.
  • Various PLC’s available – GE Fanuc, Siemens, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley).
  • “Upper Level” computer communication via Profibus, Ethernet, or TCP/IP protocol.
  • Matrix or algorithmic weld parameter adjustment control.
  • Close-coupled transformer, secondary bus bar and welding electrodes – highest weld current density for any flash welder and lower energy usage!
  • Automatic centering guides
  • Automatic strip cross alignment
  • Closed loop water chillers
  • Notchers for trimming strip edges
  • Weld quality “bulge” tester
  • Weld temperature monitoring
  • Weld wheel dresser

Spot Welders

Spot welding is the most basic and generally, the most economical of all resistance welding techniques and lends itself to many forms of mechanization and automation. It can be used where speed is not a critical factor, double-thick lapped joints are acceptable, and normal electrode maintenance time is tolerated.
Min. Max.
Coil Width 80” (2030mm)
Coil Thickness .250” (6.3mm)

Flash Butt Welders

Flash-Butt Welding is an ultra-fast joining process with fusion occurring over the entire weld area simultaneously. It is the only resistance welding technique in which surface scale has little or no effect on the weld quality and consistency — a major reason for its use in pickling lines. After trimming, flash-butt welds are as thin as the strip itself and pass readily through subsequent reduction and forming equipment. In most cases, the welds lose their identity and continue on into the consumer product. Flash-Butt Welders predominate in pickle lines, but are also used in heavy-gauge Coil Preparation, Shot Blasting, Side Trimming and Slitting Lines, and Welded Tube and Pipe Mills. Combination Flash-Butt Welders, appropriately named because they have a built-in, draw-cut weld trimmer which, in one stroke, removes the excess metal extruded to the surfaces of the strip during the upsetting (forging) portion of the welding cycle. A transfer mechanism successively moves the joint to the trimming station and other optional work stations, which include an edge punching or notching station and/or induction post-heating system. The latter minimizes costly strip breakage by tempering the heat-affected zone in alloy steels susceptible to treatment.


Weld equals parent metal thickness


NameMin. Max.
Coil Width 52″ / 1320mm 100″ / 2540mm
Coil Thickness .046″ / 1mm .375″ / 9.5mm

Arc Welders

Arc Welding is the most versatile of all strip welding processes. It is applicable to almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a broach range of thicknesses and offers a wide selection of parameters to meet a precise requirement. It is often used when a butt-type joint is mandatory, and occasionally when a rollable weld is needed.

The most popular types of fusion (Arc) welding processes are:

  1. Plasma Arc Welding
  2. Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  3. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) (TIG)
  4. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) (MIG)


GTAW– Weld near parent metal thickness

GMAW– Weld near parent metal thickness after inline trimming


Min. Max.
Coil Width 24″ 610mm 84″ 2135mm
Coil Thickness 0.45mm (0.018”) 25mm (1.0”)

Post Weld Heat Treatment

Many of today’s “automotive grade” Advanced and Ultra High Strength Steels (AHSS and UHSS) including Dual Phase, TRIP, high boron and other complex phase steels require post-weld induction annealing to temper the weld interface and restore ductility for subsequent processing in the production line.


New and existing seam, flash and laser welders can be upgraded to include post-weld induction annealing. Taylor-Winfield’s Induction Heating Product Group and trained field service personnel are dedicated to providing power supplies, coils and fully integrated systems to customers worldwide. We have been supplying post-weld induction annealing systems for coil joining and other applications since the 1960’s. Taylor-Winfield can assist with your welding challenges. Contact us today to discuss your machine upgrade needs and options available. Upgrades are available for other manufacturer’s welders.
Post-weld induction heating can be fully integrated into an existing welder with complete operator interface through an HMI or provided as a free-standing system with independent operation and control. All systems include weld temperature pyrometer control and power supplies with automatic load tuning that adjust the heat input based on feedback from the pyrometer.
  • Solid state IGBT based microprocessor control
  • Kilowatt range sized to application, machine and cycle time requirements
  • Pyrometer controlled temperature regulation
  • Automatic load tuning “Upper Level” communication capability available
  • Full machine integration available, including: Annealing temperature control
  • Welder and Annealing system compatibility
  • Single Operator HMI Interface
  • Welding parameter matrix updated to include annealing temperature control
  • Full system diagnostic capability
  • Interactive display for initial set-up, tuning and maintenance of power supply
  • Power supply screen will display: Start, Stop, Ready, Power Voltage, Current Frequency, Energy
  • All fault conditions (individually specified)
  • Pyrometer annealing temperature reading.

Welder Rebuild & Upgrades

Existing coil joining welders can be upgraded to optimize welder performance and expand the range of materials capable of being joined by an installed machine. Modernizing and upgrading an existing machine with new welding controls, machine PLC control functions and other mechanical and electrical upgrades can add years of performance to an installed machine.


  • Post Weld Induction Annealing- Inline & free-standing systems
  • Weld Seam Monitoring
  • Welder Control Systems
  • Weld Testers/ Weld Wheel Dressers
  • Machine Reconditioning Service
  • Punching/Notching Machines
  • Cross-Cut Flash Trimmers


As a Capital Equipment Manufacturer, we provide standard & custom engineered parts production solutions, all under one roof. From concept through engineering, assembly and test, we have the expertise, resources, and commitment to ensure quality equipment & total “life” support for all the equipment we manufacture.

Research & Development Laboratory

The Research and Development​ Center can help improve part quality, quantify existing processes, create reliable parts production expectations, and establish machine performance criterion.

Aftermarket Spare Parts & Copper Products

Taylor-Winfield’s Aftermarket Spare Parts & Copper Products Group provides “life support”, parts and ancillary equipment for existing machines worldwide.

Worldwide Field Service and Support

Taylor-Winfield’s technicians have mechanical, electrical, & programming skills, enabling them to provide timely, quality service, and to supervise or perform on-site machine evaluations, repairs, & upgrades.

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