Automated Cylindrical Seam Welding System



Taylor-Winfield Technologies has developed a patented breakthrough design in long tank seam welding. This system is specifically designed for joining predetermined cylindrical shapes formed from flat sheet material. Technologies used to produce a seam weld can include:

  • Induction Forging
  • Resistance Welding
  • MIG
  • TIG


  • Continuous production results in accelerated throughput and less downtime
  • Minimizes part-to-part changeover time by completely automating the changeover sequence
  • Ensures consistent, repeatable weld quality reducing waste
  • Industry 4.0 machine capabilities with feedback monitoring and part tracking
  • Decreases operational costs through minimal operator interface
  • Poka-yoke for incoming part variation in width / length

Material Specifications:

  • Part Diameter Welding Range: 16 – 20”
  • Part Gauge Range: .052 – .077”
  • Part Length Range: 20 – 80”

Automated Features:

  • Part Diameter Change Over
  • Part-to-Part Machine Set-Up and Adjustment
  • Weld Parameter Storage & Retrieval
  • Part Positioning and Sequencing Through System
  • System Monitoring, Fault Identification & Feedback
  • HMI Operator Interface & Process Sequence Control
  • Servo Controlled Diameter Adjustment & Control
  • Remote System Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Robotic Load & Unload (Optional)

Other Features

  • Welding Speeds in Excess of 325” Per Minute Capable
  • 15-20 Second Part-to-Part Cycle Time Production Rate Capable
  • ≤5 minute Part Diameter Change Over Time with Robotic Assistance
  • 10 – 15% or Less Weld Overthickness
  • Automatic Adjustment of Weld Seam Overlap (Patented Automatic “Z” Bar Overlap Control)
  • Robust Frame With Minimal Deflection
  • Integration with Can Diameter Rolling System
  • Compliant with All ANSI B11 and ISO 12100 Safety Standards

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