Used Resistance Welding Equipment

Taylor-Winfield is historically known for having the most reliable resistance welders in the industry. These welders stand the test of time. Their robust designs enable these machines to perform for decades giving you confidence that when you own a Taylor-Winfield welder, it has been built to last.

For businesses in the manufacturing industry, reliable machinery isn’t an option but rather a necessity. However, every conscientious business has to consider whether to invest in new or used equipment. While in some cases buying a new machine is the right way to go, there are many circumstances in which the advantages of buying used machines is difficult to deny.

If you need a welder, you owe it to yourself and your organization to explore all your buying options. Before you decide on the best move for your company, consider the following benefits of preowned equipment purchased from the original manufacturer.

  • Significant savings
  • Reduce lead time
  • Minimal depreciation
  • Increased cash flow
  • Understanding of machine origin
  • Knowledge of machine functionality
  • Spare parts support
  • Service support
Check out our used inventory below. Welders can be purchased as -is or quoted for a full restoration to a like-new condition.

Press Welder
Transformer: 75 KVA
Model #: ENE-12-75
Voltage: 220 Single Phase

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Press Welder
Transformer: 5 KVA
Model #: INV-1
Voltage: Single Phase

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ENE-12-75 Press Welder

  • Serial Number: 74315
  • Model Number: ENE-12-75
  • Style: Press
  • Transformer: 75 KVA
  • Tap Switch: 16 Step
  • Voltage: 220 Single Phase
  • Max Force: 1658
  • Secondary Voltage High: 8.15; Low: 3.33
  • Short Circuit Secondary Current: 30,000
  • Throat: 18” to spot; 12” to platen center
  • Initiation: Foot Switch
  • Control Mfg: N/A

Press Welder INV-RO

  • Serial Number: RO20164
  • Model Number: INV-1
  • Style: Press
  • Transformer: 5 KVA
  • Tap Switch: 8 Step
  • Voltage: Single Phase 208V
  • Max Force: 1029
  • Stroke: 1.5
  • Short Circuit Secondary Current: 10,000
  • Throat: 8 in
  • Initiation: Foot Switch
  • Control Mfg: TWT – Weld IT II

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